Riordan Building Real Estate Agent Team at eXpRealty FCM

Edited by Wayne T. Price

eXp Realty’s Riordan Building Real Estate Agent Team

Sean Riordan After a 34-year career in law enforcement, he recently retired from the Melbourne Orlando International Airport Police Department.

Riodan is currently building a team of real estate agents through the intermediary of eXp Realty LLC.

He is also licensed for commercial real estate and is officially licensed in Florida and North Carolina.

Riodan began his law enforcement career after graduating from the police academy of Brevers Community College in 1987.

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He was soon hired by the Melbourne Police, where throughout his time he was a Road Patrol Officer, Street Crime Officer, Drug Detective, Regional Police Officer, Patrol Sergeant, Transportation Unit Sergeant, Public Relations Sergeant, Patrol Lieutenant, Criminal. Was a sergeant investigating, and finally a member of the commander as a commander. He also took a tour of the crisis negotiation unit and the dive recovery team.

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